Water Features

The sound of water soothes and heals!

A water feature designed for you

Water features for your front or backyard offer a retreat for your eyes and ears. McKinley Landscape INC can create a custom water feature that can add value to your landscape. Any size water feature will set your landscape apart and give it a unique ascetic set apart from other properties in the neighborhood.

Many clients we have worked with wanted to create an outdoor space where they can escape to after a long day at work or when hosting a family gathering or just having a dinner party.There are several choices to make when building a water feature for example:

  • Pond-less ( bubblers)  This is one of the more popular features since a pond-less feature requires much less maintenance.
  • Small ponds (where you can add fish)  Fish usually need to be protected from birds or other animals raccoons, nutria, beavers etc. Small ponds also attract animals as well. Fish do require an upgraded filtration system and can often double the costs of the water feature.
  • A Dry River Bed is also an option for the landscape. The costs for a dry riverbed is about 30% of a standard water feature.

Water can cool the yard down ( in the hot summer)

On a hot summer day, having running water can cool the yard down and make it a pleasant place to enjoy. It also enables you to have aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. And probably the most beautiful feature of having running or still water in the yard is what happens after rain. You could enjoy one of the most beautiful rainbows in your personal outdoor space , in your home.

Note: in order to have this cooling and tranquil effect, the water used in fountains and ponds needs to be crystal clear and clean, so a good maintenance program applies here.

Water makes the yard look bigger

The reflective properties of water mean it can make some spaces look bigger. For the best results you should use dark material for the feature or fountain. If you really want to make the most of your new creation, you can use landscape lighting for night time in different colors. It gives off a nice calming effect that can be used in nature that can relieve stress and anxiety.

Water introduces serenity into your landscape

A fountain creates a tranquil sound, which is ideal if you live in a noisy neighborhood or in the city. Think of it as your place to recreate yourself and to become one with nature. There are many water therapies, mostly taking place in the mountain side or seaside, near bigger amounts of water such as seas, oceans and rivers. But if you want to have a piece of heaven near your body and your mind, surely a pond or fountain in your own garden can make your dream come true. For an extra therapy effect, you can even plant perfumed flowers that bloom at night.


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