Lawn Restoration & Maintenance

Neighbours will be jealous of your beautiful lawn!

Professional lawn maintenance

A well cared for green lawn adds curbside appeal to any home.

Seasonal Maintenance

We have a seasonal mowing schedule that is custom for each client based on their needs and considering the best practices for their landscape.

In the spring we will mow weekly through early summer. When fall comes we mow shorter and do the fall fertilization.

Lawn Restoration

If your lawn has large brown patches even though you water daily, then your lawn may need restoration. Restoration may include dethatching or aeration.


Dethatching is needed when grass has died and builds up. This build up is called thatch. If the thatch builds up it can deprive the grass of moisture. Dethatching is accomplished by dragging a convex rake through the lawn. This can also be done with a power rake.

Core Aeration

Aeration will bring air and water to your lawn’s roots. Aeration is accomplish pulling plugs of soil out of the lawn. This causes the soil to loosen up which allows for air and water to reach the grass roots. ┬áCore aeration is the one thing you can do for your lawn that will bring it renewed vibrancy.


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